MuscleCardio is an all body workout designed with a lot of compound movements, meaning you will be using multiple muscle groups to perform each exercise, elevating the heart rate and maintaining that for a prolong period of time in an anaerobic process (working the muscles to do that). 
You will burn 10X more calories this way. It is proven, documented & factual. You will be challenged by new exercises and training strategies you've never tried. 

If you want to burn fat, this is how you do it. Get off that treadmill and try MuscleCardio. 

In addition to one of a kind workout, you will also get a lot of fitness facts/tips such as nutrition, rest, etc. as well as motivation to get you PUMPED!

Schedule: M-F: 6.15pm, Saturday 9am (*each class runs for apprx. 45mins)

Location: Excellence Health & Fitness, 400 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109

10 Classes: $200
Drop-In: $22